Ronin (event/endgame) Now Recruiting! [Saronia]

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Ronin (event/endgame) Now Recruiting! [Saronia]
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By Narii 2011-11-29 19:29:31  
Ronin recruitment is currently closed.

Ronin has currently filled its eight members. Ronin does want and will expand at a later time. If you feel your a competent and dedicated player who would make a great addition to Ronin, please feel free to still put in an application if your character meets the following requirements so that your name will be recorded first when we do decide to expand.

****All members who apply without member reference will be trailed first****

We are currently looking for players with:
  • Three rank 50 jobs consisting of DoW/DoM

  • At least one DoL/DoH job

  • FFXIV End game experience ex:FNM/HNM/Raid/Instance/Stronghold (Other MMO end-game is a plus!)

  • Ifrit/Moogle access

  • GLD class ability sentinel (GLD rank 36)

  • Has availability during PST/EST time zones

  • Ability to use Ventrilo as means of communication

Have additional questions or inquires? Please send a /tell to either Janga Maky, Kaiyoko Star, or Nariko Star in game!

Want to know more about Ronin? Check out our site !