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Store TP melee -> WS?
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By Shaidalyn 2012-01-16 02:44:08  
Insert poor horse here but even though I've played Sam on and off since 2004 (with breaks of the game too) I have no idea how to figure out the STP needed in certain situations.

I believe 5 hit with 464 = 64STP
Sam gets +40STP so that's 20 in gear per swing.

My question is: Does this mean I need 100 STP in gear through my 4 swings + WS? Is it that simple or does the rounding matter?

TP Set:

+33 STP (and I know, only 23% haste but nothing I can do really. Working on +2's)

WS Set:

Only +13 STP... No +1/+2 hands for Sam yet. Not willing to buy the Pyrosouls just yet, 2STR doesn't seem worth it until everything else improves. Just bought Mekira and Avant+1 tonight to replace Hreysti and Osode.

Any help on if this will maintain my 5hit or if I need to swap out Gorget for Nodowa or something. Further help on gear advice is much appreciated. This is for Shoha btw and for in AND out of Aby...(In Aby I am not sure what Atmas I'll use, finished Kanto with SB+VV+Apoc and was VERY happy with WS spam but I am sure there's better).
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By Bismarck.Themuffingirl 2012-01-16 03:20:32  
You sound like me about a year ago and I recommend downloading FFXI calculator so you can play around with different builds and figure out what set you like and keep an optimal build without having to do the math yourself. From the looks of it though you have a 5 hit with those sets and some extra store TP in your TP set that you could drop for something else.

FFXI Calculator
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By Shaidalyn 2012-01-16 03:24:37  
Thanks a lot! I'll check it out.
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By Bismarck.Themuffingirl 2012-01-16 03:35:33  
To more directly answer your question about how it's calculated, you get less TP from your weaponskill (assuming a single hit) than from your regular melee hits when you take off store TP for WS. Your weaponskill TP counts as one of your 5 hits, so you add your TP from WS to your TP from melee hits x4 and if it equals 100 or more then you have a 5 hit. There's some invisible decimals in there that you don't see in game that calc figures out for you. Like, your weaponskill set on a single hit would give you 18.6 TP whereas your TP set gives you 21.1. So 18.6 from WS + 21.1 x4 melee hits = 103 TP. Hope that makes a little sense, I'm sleepy and recovering from jet lag and probably shouldn't be trying to offer much advice right now and I've been gone from the game for a month. Just thought I'd try to explain a bit more since I was in your shoes once. :)
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By Shaidalyn 2012-01-16 03:43:25  
You are a great help, thank you :) I'm working to play Sam again since my friend finally got Blade: Hi and I want to make him stress over tanking ~.^
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By Phoenix.Eckeward 2012-01-16 16:53:31  
So many cat avatars.... O.O

The first thing you do when making a Store TP set is make a WS set.^^ You also need to know you base TP per hit. 12.2 TP @464 delay, then you can calculate how much TP you get back from your WS. Your WS-Store_TP is 153 so you get 18.6 TP.
  • WS: 12.2 * 1.53 = 18.6 (18.666)[round-down]

So you can subtract that from the 100tp total, and then divide what's left over 4 hits.
  • TP to get: 100 - 18.6 = 81.4

  • TP per swing: 81.4 / 4 = 20.4 (20.35)[round-up]

So how much Store TP in your TP set? Divide by your base TP per hit (12.2)
  • Store TP needed: 20.4/12.2 = 1.68 (1.67213)[round-up]

  • (subtract job traits: 1.68 - 1.4 = 0.28 in equipment)

So, to make sure, Your TP cycle is:
  • 12.2(base)*1.68(sTP) = 20.4 [1 hit]

  • [20.4] *4(hits) = 81.6 [4 hits]

  • [81.6] +18.6(WS,TP)= 100.2 TP [4hits and a WS]

167 Store TP would give 20.3 TP/hit for 99.8 TP (4-hits + WS)

Simples, but that all changes if your weapon delay changes. Also it's good to have Ikishoten equal or greater than your base TP as it can then count as one of your hits, so I'd get 5/5 merits.
Now, I have to go and do my own,....

oh yeah, tl;dr :- 28 in equipment.
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By Shaidalyn 2012-01-16 19:50:53  
YAY maths! That excites me. I miss mathing out FFXI sometimes. Huge thanks!
And yeah, I'm 5/5 Ikishoten 5/5 Overwhelm. Tempted to drop my 5 Meditate for 5 Zanshin but that seems silly... Meditate = back-to-back-to-back WS out of Aby, with 2 more in there in it. Too fun :(
Though I admit in a pt not so useful anymore if controlling lights.