Monsters With Missing BLU Magic

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Monsters with missing BLU magic
By Asura.Kuroganashi 2017-08-17 14:38:05  
Shiva.Paulu said: »
Leviathan.Isiolia said: »
That logic tends to fall apart when you start looking at post-75 spells though...
In SE's defense I don't think they really expected to have the level cap raised when it was first implemented. I remember them polling us asking if we wanted the level to cap to go up or not and pick between 99 and 100. I still think about what 100JOB/50SUB would be like.

It certainly be interesting to see a lvl 100 sub 50 job of any type.

Maybe one day they will raise cap again >< (Then we will have spam of EXP pt to do XD)

But back on topic: If they were to add more spells to BLU it wouldn't be a horrible idea, new monsters came since they did their last update for BLU (Back at Vagary), so updating and adding more spells would actually contribute with people hunting spells and playing the game longer; making SE more Revenue, its on their best interest to add more stuff for us to do.