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[Fenrir] Delve LS Seeking New Members
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By mortontony1 2014-09-13 13:35:32  
Hello, Fenrir!

After seeing shout after shout of sam/mnk only delve invites I grew tired of this. I decided to make my own linkshell, something I myself have never done. Currently we are 7 members strong and seeking more. Most of us have 0 delve experience so far and are seeking members with the same or similar. We only just recently hit 6+ members, so runs will be starting some time next week!

We will be going into the fractures to learn about the NMs/bosses as we fight/farm plasm. It will obviously take us a few wipes to get to where we can kill the boss each time, but that's why I made this. Ideally I would also like to have a good chunk of plasm saved up by the time bosses start dying. It's something we can have a blast doing, learn together, and make a few in game friends in the process.

We will also be doing some of the hard mode battles, skcnms, vw/abyssea if anyone needs it. Basically just a good group of people to play with, doing delve and other good things to be as well geared and versatile as possible.

Our guildwork site is pretty naked atm, but here's the link:
and feel free to send myself (Pajamas), Lonewolfx, or Lionheartiam a /tell if you see us online ever!

Edit: Trolls and *** posting here will be ignored. I know most everyone is friendly and encouraging, but I know there will be some people who just like to be negative.
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By Fenrir.Ramzus 2014-09-14 23:12:47  
nice guy who seems willing to learn, good luck with your recruitment
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By Ragnarok.Sharain 2014-09-15 00:41:36  
Good luck with your recruitment! ^^

Try not to fall into the trap of making your brd/whm/stunner always be brd/whm/stunner tho (unless they absolutely want to), from experience I can say that that leads to resentment really fast if the "you should get to come the job you want" only applies to everyone else.
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By Cerberus.Halticus 2014-09-15 00:51:07  
Best of luck from Cerb!
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By Fenrir.Mewgoat 2014-09-25 19:11:42  
im redownloading updates i missed during my latest 2 1/2(i think?) month break or so, and this time i would really like to be able to get into something, rather waiting for the pug groups or tryin ot help newer players build up and near level to get into groups.
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By Fenrir.Backpain 2014-11-10 15:43:06  
If you're still doing this, my ls is trying to get a good static group together. So far, we are lacking Whm, Brd, and Mnk. Let me know what you think.