To DRK Or Not To DRK?

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to DRK or not to DRK?
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By Lakshmi.Saevel 2015-01-15 04:06:48  
Nazrious said: »
Asura.Failaras said: »
2015 and people still think Drks are squishy.

2015 and Drk's still think they are not squishy.

DRK's are no more squishy then WARs or SAMs. LR gives the same -defense penality to DRK that berserk does to WAR and more then it does to SAM. Souleater is something used sparingly but even then it's not nearly as dangerous nowadays. DRK's wear the exact same type of armor that WAR and SAM do, platemail with high defense and VIT.

Seriously, an objective analysis of DRK's shows that they are no less defensive then the other heavy armor wearing DD's. The old "paper DRK's" is from WAY back in the day, and it applied to everyone not a PLD or NIN.