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Ninjutsu Skill Up
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By Rockets182 2015-04-15 19:55:40  
Hi There,

I'm looking for a script or something that can help me cast Ni spells on crabs. From what I was able to search for I've only seen a ninjutsu guide that casts skill up spells on yourself, which seems slower.

I had one for spellcast but its broken now.

Anyone have any advice?

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By Pantafernando 2015-04-15 20:23:30  
You just need to find an empty reive in a place like yahse, hug the roots, lock target to roots then use a simple script like that:

/ma "katon: ichi" <t>
Wait 4
/ma "suiton: ichi" <t>
Wait 4
/ma "raiton: ichi" <t>

Just copy paste that part for how long you plan to skill up.

Time well to recast yonin after 3 mins and repeat that.

Its rustic, but sure works.

Other option, more legit, would be using spark tomes. Should need around 300k spark to cap from zero.
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By Chyula 2015-04-15 21:41:56  
buy skill up scroll and be done with a few hrs
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By Leviathan.Draugo 2015-05-19 13:51:01  
GO to sea and find the squid mobs that have faces that open up. These mobs can be claimed without them attacking you as long as you leave their HP intact. So use enfeebling ninjutsu like slow blind and para, over and over on them. they will just sit there for hours for you without worry of death. Once done there (they are old school ere mobs so cap @ 75ish) either try forts in the past shadowlord castle, or skillup scrolls, or, cheapo utsusemi yourself to death, be sure and cancel the utsu before the next one, because it may help skillups? Also, you are casting on ninja like every few seconds while playing the job at a challenging level. So just get your *** out on nin and it will cap soon enough.Parry is a different story, but much better than when I capped it heh. Also keep ammo in that TP set for that nifty JT we have, to cap throwing.
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By Bahamut.Seekerstar 2015-05-19 14:11:39  
It'll take eons to skill ninjutsu by self targeting.

If you cast while attacking normally (CP parties, etc) you'll find yourself gaining more skillups than if you stood in one place spamming shadows. Practice MBing, enfeeble some stuff.

Books are faster, though. Be kind to your fellow players and step away from Eternal Flame to spam books.