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Returning Player
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By Visien 2018-05-24 20:28:46  
Hey everyone! I just came back to the game during the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign going on, and probably going to resub. Been reading through everything here and have a pretty good handle on gearing goals and whatnot, but was just having a trouble deciding on a job to focus on.

I mostly play with 2-3 other players doing lower tier content right now (Ambuscade, Unity NMs, Escha NMs, lots of JP grinding) and was wondering how valuable COR is in that type of play. It seems like buffs aren't pulling as much weight to cover the lower DPS without those 2 or 3 other players to gain advantage.

Basically I have COR and BLU both geared at the bare minimum 117-119 level and very few Job Points on each. So I guess my question is: is COR valuable enough in low-man, low-gear situations to pick over BLU?

Also extra credit questions:
I see most COR luas have Quick Draw sets in midcast. I have mine in precast because I was under the assumption it's an instant ability, am I doing it wrong?

Should I be shooting for TP on most things due to the lack of easily available 119 melee weapons? (I have Emminent scimitar and OAT Atoyac at the moment)
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user: Negan
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By Bahamut.Negan 2018-05-24 21:02:29  
Afania and Arislan teamed up for an insane guide on COR (Luck of the Draw).

Get Leaden Salute and Last Stand.

Let your friends leech.

edit: I guess BLU would be good for that too :P