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End Game Ls looking for new recruits
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By joeymills 2019-05-10 18:35:11  

SilverBulletsLS is looking for new, returning, seasoned players for end game content (Omen, Dyna-D, Aeonics, etc)

We're a pretty low-key group that mainly likes to push the limits of the game. If things go bad, we try to learn from it.


-We have completed the Dyna-D Jeuno Wave 3 Boss Mask for a fair number of our members

-We have nearing completion for our second full Aeonic Clear

-We regularly complete Ou and other Omen bosses

*Current Goals*

-We would like to continue progress in other Dyna-D Wave 3 bosses

-We are working towards another Aeonic run

-Trying new methods for killing Ou and other Omen bosses (because why not flex your class and try something new)

*Rough Requirements*

=We are looking for folks who have completed the following or are near completing:


-Multiple jobs with Lv119 gear

-firm understanding of damage per second parse reporting

-a schedule where you are able to devout time to a guild regularly

*Current Schedule of Events*

Sunday: 6:30pm EST - Aeonic or Dyna-D

Monday: 7:30pm EST - Omen

Wednesday 7:30pm EST - Dyna-D

Friday 7:30pm EST - Omen

** feel free to leave a msg here, or send me an ingame msg -Joeymills

May your RNG never crap out!
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By Phoenix.Mikumaru 2019-06-03 11:20:44  
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By DaneBlood 2019-06-03 11:39:25  
I would like to toss my ticket in the hat, however i am already on a DynaD linksheel (sunday and wednesdays) but i would defiantly be up for omen and aenonics


DaneBlood is my main character. mainly going for Frontline jobs here
TastesgreatX is my backline mule (whm and soon brd)
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By joeymills 2019-06-16 17:01:56  


We are still looking for WHM, BRD, RDM, SMN with moderate gear, willing to talk further if you are unsure how you measure up, for DYNA D wave 3 boss.

since the original post we have completed the bastok mask for a good portion of our current LS members but are looking to push further into windy and sandy.

send me a tell and i'll be more than happy to talk further details.
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By DaneBlood 2019-06-16 17:34:16  
I guess thats a no then ?