Aspyr Media Is Remaking KOTOR

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Aspyr Media is Remaking KOTOR
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Game: FFXI
user: Andret
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By Leviathan.Andret 2021-09-12 11:46:56  
So KOTOR without old bioware and certainly an action game by some new developer, written by possibly an extremist or raving lunatic....

Yeah, not optimistic.

70% of a game is gameplay. You don't have good gameplay then you don't have a game.
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By Viciouss 2021-09-12 11:58:33  
You're living in the past if you think Bioware is still capable of making a good game. They've lost loads of talent and their latest busts speak for themselves. Anthem, Andromeda, the very average Dragon Age Inquisition, the disappointing Mass Effect 3. They are living off their name at this point. I'm glad they aren't involved.
By RadialArcana 2021-09-12 12:58:11  
Asura.Geriond said: »
Viciouss said: »
I liked the midochlorian shoutout, the dumbest thing ever in Star Wars.
People ascribe countless properties to them that aren't given in the films, but they're not bad on their own. The film gives them like three sentences in total, none of which conflict with anything given in the OT.

They don't really help the world building very much, but they doesn't really hurt anything either. It should have been a nothing issue.

I don't get why Lucas didn't leave the force as a religion, it was perfect. I guess he was embarrassed by it or worried he was pushing religion on people and wanted to promote science more in his later years.

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