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Food general
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By SurrealSoul 2010-11-03 17:59:12  
I have some curious questions poking around, and it may be due to the limited info the ffxivpro and other sites have.

Currently, ALL foods made only give +5 in two attributes, and all raw mats give either +5 or +3 to stats.
Orange juice and Pineapple juice are the same, boiled eggs and dodo omlettes are the same.

The way I see it is that three things could be possible: 1st is optimal ranks for food cause the persons testing the food to give them +5s +3s ect... for each foods. 2nd possibly is after you pass the optimal rank for the food, it no longer gives you the benefits (and may be why people do not receive +craftsmanship to boiled eggs, and why there are multiple foods giving the same stats) or lastly the information given are just placeholders and I am freaking out over nothing.

If anyone can post any helpful information or testing it will be greatly appreciated.
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user: Lunay
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By Alexander.Lunay 2010-11-04 05:39:32  
I was informed that there are optimal ranks for food - boiled egg rank 10ish and Dodo Omelette being the higher tier at rank 20ish. But I have not done any test nor am I sure of how to even conduct one, especially if some of the stats are supposedly hidden. Hope someone can shed a light on this matter because I am curious as well.
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By SurrealSoul 2010-11-04 21:35:43  
For testing, I just ate a jack-o-latern as FSH. I didn't see any stat bonuses but I was gathering a lot better with it than without it.

Also it lasts 30mins, like the majority of foods. I made a +1 jack-o-latern and it lasted 30mins as well. We can assume +1s increase the stats given.