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Red Influence is Recruiting
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By TakaS 2011-03-24 18:12:31  
Greetings Saronia from Red Influence LS!
Hello and よろしく to all of you in Saronia!

"Red Influence" is always seeking new members! We are a friendly, social-oriented linkshell consistent of primarily english players, with a few swedish, and german players; however, we accept players of all nationalities and languages!

We are a very helpful LS; we usually do leves together, and handout repairs or needed items to fellow Linkshell holders. Just ask and you may receive!

Our most active hours of the day are approximately between 9 a.m (Eastern Time [EST]) to about 11 p.m. (Eastern Time [EST]), after which some of our players from germany and others in that area of the world are on, but because we are mainly an American/English-based Linkshell, the population and activity of our Linkshell is limited.

But don't fret, yet! If you would like to join even if you are mostly on during our low hours, don't hesitate to ask! Speak with our Linkshell Leader and I'm sure he'll be happy to promote you, so that you may recruit more players for that time of day, if that be your hearts desire!

Send a /tell to anyone of us!
・Haku Carrias
・Taka Shariff