Tonberry Is Recruiting. YEEEEEEEEEEAH!! :O

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Tonberry is recruiting. YEEEEEEEEEEAH!! :O
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By cookiefigaro 2011-09-25 23:12:14  
Tonberry Preservation Society (Figaro)

TPS is currently seeking active members for its social/end gamey (whenever it gets here) LS. We are made up of mostly North American players in the Central and Pacific time zones with a few EU players based in Germany, the UK and Holland.

Our average age in the LS is in the 20-30 gap, most of us have been with FFXIV since launch. Gaming couples are welcome.

We have cleared The Dzemael Darkhold several times and all the current NMs in the game. We are looking forward to 1.19 and doing Ifrit battle, chocobo quest, grand company quests, materia crafting, beastmen strongholds and whatever else SE can throw at us.

TPS has its own private Teamspeak3 server and encourages members to use it for general chatter and to co-ordinate in-game activities with LS members.

TPS has a zero tolerance harassment policy for LS chat and for TSpk3 server. TPS will not put up with any personal attacks on another LS member be it racial, sexual and or religious. We are all old enough to enjoy some crude humour and to know where the line is.

TPS requirements:
Have at least two DoW/M class to rank 50.
Be active. Login at least 3-4 times a week and weekends are a must.

If you are interested in joining TPS please contact the following in-game.
Anzu Mazaki, Cookie Monster, Ryo Katase, Moshi Moosh.
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By valafamia 2011-09-27 00:10:25  
Love the name lol

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By cookiesmonster 2011-09-27 00:52:13  
another cookies monster
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By EldanIsBack 2011-09-30 14:13:26  
Cookie I am interested; I will try to get a hold of you or Anzu at some point.

- Eldan Azurn