Are You Looking To Commit To A Linkshell?

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Are you looking to commit to a linkshell?
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By aceaircav 2012-01-20 05:40:30  
Looking for Loyal players. As of right now AWSF is not taking anyone without at least one 50 battle craft job. Our current goals are (1) All members , all battle craft jobs to 50, (2) All members , all acheivements complete, (3) all members, at least (4) crafting jobs to 50 , (5) for all members intrested, any weapon/gear drops from HNM/Primal fights or Strong hold coffers need > want.

The Closer you are to any of these goals the closer you are to getting in right away, we are only accepting 1 additional person a month, and you can NOT hold any pearl prior to applying for pearl. All aplicants will be researched and affter evaluated one aplicant a month will be choosen.

Now that you know what we are looking for, let me tell you why you should join. Dispite our current requirements, we are NOT an elitest LS, we just wish to get our core group built before we bring on any more new players who would pose a challenge to include in current LS events. We are social as much as we are endgame, a great crew in AWSF , but it is an adult LS, mature people only plz. Last but not least, we put the needs of our members first, our PLs get anyone from 1-50 in no less then 3 days, as short as 2 days. but you must first put in work. Nothing in AWSF is given, everything is earned, but the rewards are vast if your loyalty is strong.

If you are intrested please send /tell to Aceofspades Aircav , im on mostly 11pm-2am est, Thank you ~ Ace