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Best DD food
サーバ: Quetzalcoatl
Game: FFXI
user: Aarahs
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By Quetzalcoatl.Aarahs 2012-07-17 18:06:42  
This may be a somewhat stupid question, but what is the best food for a DD Dragoon/samurai?

I know Red Curry Bun is typically regarded as the best for DD generally (unless I missed something?), but I've been browsing wiki and discovered Arrabbiata.

Red Curry Bun:
HP +25
Strength +7
Agility +1
Intelligence -2
Attack +24.7% (Cap: 150@652 Base Attack)
Ranged Attack +24.7% (Cap: 150@652 Base Ranged Attack)
Demon Killer

HP +12% (Cap: 150@1250 Base HP)
Strength +5
Vitality +2
Intelligence -7
Attack +22.5% (Cap: 120@533 Base Attack)
Store TP +5

Now, I realize the difference in attack and strength, but I'm not sure how much Vitality plays into jumps or the store TP into lowering hit requirement. I imagine with Lancer's Plackart +1/2 the HP bonus would help with breath damage. I don't know if that piece truly has any worth compared to the body pieces for dragoon out now.

Thank you for reading.
サーバ: Ragnarok
Game: FFXI
user: Sekundes
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By Ragnarok.Sekundes 2012-07-17 18:19:23  
Vit is useless for drg. Spirit and soul jump don't have a vit mod and you don't normally use "jump" anymore.

RCB's are the gold standard for dd food and drg is attack starved as it is so they need every bit they can get. If you can hit a X hit build using it then cool but chances are you're going to want to hit that using gear as you loose out on 30 attack and 2 str on both ws and TP phase.

I've not used hp food in a while but does the Lancer body full time give your wyvern that food bonus or is it only when it is equiped? Cause if you swap it out then they might loose it and they won't gain back max hp.

Gunna go with not worth it. Plus it's not sold often (last seen 3 weeks ago) and 40k a pop.
サーバ: Siren
Game: FFXI
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By Siren.Kyte 2012-07-17 18:32:00  
Food bonus is only when equiped.
By 2012-07-17 18:47:35
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サーバ: Ragnarok
Game: FFXI
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By Ragnarok.Martel 2012-07-17 18:48:52  
IF(and this shouldn't happen often) you're using HP food, you can macro in the Lancer body rather than wyvern mail for HB potency. When using a High HP+ food lancer+2 is the best healing breath body. Not really worth giving up on better DD stats, though. Even for solo.

If you don't carry wyvern mail, then swapping in Lancer+2 during HB could still net the wyvern that +25 HP from red curry buns.