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Endgame Linkshell Omni Recruiting!
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By kayon 2012-08-23 10:50:26  
Omni is a new linkshell formed from the Luminosity / Omniscient family with the goals of bringing endgame activities to those who have experience or have none at all but have the passion to learn and grow as a group. We are a loyal and medium sized unit capping off our recruitment at 60 and keeping our members condensed only really accepting others with the same goals in mind that enjoy the game and want to flesh out all the content to prepare themselves before 2.0. We are a fun group and like to have a good time and we are all adults so adult themes and language are used and should be expected to be tolerated. We like to play hard but we like to have a lot of fun as well.

As the linkshell is built, we are prepared to provide content daily as the members grow and can support such activities. Scheduled / Planned events will be slated to be on Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday around 6PM EST lasting for as long as the group has passion to support the runs preformed but typically lasting till 10-11PM EST and will be posted on the ost.guildwork.com schedule.

We are an experienced group as the basis of the group is based upon the luminosity static so we can already preform 15-17 min runs of raids consistently with ease and can easily teach advanced tactics.

Content we are planning on doing:
17 Min Run practice in Aurum Vale and Cutters Cry
15 Min Darkhold (as needed not a priority)
Faction leves (New and Old)
Primals (All included extreme fights)
Power Level Parties
Notorious Monsters
Spirit Bond Parities
And any content demanded by the members

Combat Requirements (Having one of the following):

1) Tank: Either PLD or R50 WAR
2) Healer: WHM R50
3) DD: BLM R50 + MNK or DRG R50 & Chameleon
4) Bard: BRD R50 + BLM R50.

Type of Applicant We Seek:
1) Good sense of humor
2) Good attitude
3) Willingness to learn
4) Ability to attend often
5) ACCESS TO VENT (don’t need a Mic just need to listen)
6) Good listening skills
8) Tolerance of adult language and themes

If you just have one class and not the proper combination and you can convince us that you have the drive to work hard enough to acquire one of the other classes or are nearby it, we will also take that into consideration.

Please submit an application to the ost.guildwork.com site

If you want to know more about the linkshell, please contact Kayon Xaikyre in game.

Post your in-game character name, all your rank 50 classes (including crafting and disciples of land), and why you think we should consider you.