Are You Looking For A Social/helping Hand LS?

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Are you looking for a social/helping hand LS?
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By Xenshi 2012-08-28 00:09:00  
Ok, so I got tired of the BS of having socials that are anti-social. So I making a LS that will help out other people with simple things to hard ones. I'm still fairly new to the game but I have my first level 50 and working on more. I will be sure to help people out as best as I possibly can to the best of my knowledge or try to figure it out. Even if you don't want the help you can still join just for the lols. So far the four people that it consists of are all FFXI players and can understand things fairly fast. I plan on doing group quests and possibly PL some people on certian days. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, post your in game name and a time you will be on so I can get you a pearl. There is but one have to be social! (Second rule...have a sense of freakin humor!)
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By Areas 2012-09-05 01:21:44  
Areas Doobaith

I'll be on for the next few hours. If not, I should be on after 4 pm cst. I just started today so I'll probably be asking a lot of questions. :|