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Danz mining locations
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By danz409 2012-09-09 23:25:17  
this guide is not to tell HOW to mine.
i have found several of those. however iv yet to find a basic guide telling you where to go and when.

first off. before you start leveling MIN you want to unlock the achievement "gathering" so you can work towards the luminary pickaxe. did not discover about this until i was already hitting T5 nodes...

the NPC you talk to is Rebeccah, in Eastern Thanalan. (the golden baazar)

talk to her to unlock your achivment... (why SE? why do we have to unlock an attachments ot unlock attachments.... ) /yodog.jpg

fun stuff:

-Lay of the land-
every x8th (8,18,28,38) level you get a new lay of the land (tells you where the nearest node of the tier is)

-Leve quests-
every x5th level, (5,15,25,35,45) you unlock next
tier of leve quests

-early bird tier upgrade-
you can start mining next tier nodes before you can get the next lay of the land or even able to do leve quests for the area.
regardless you can always hit them. but not until the
x2th level do you get more than 1 chance.
these levels are (2,12,22,32)
*example. lv 1 you can try 1 time to get something from a T2 node. however at lv 2 you can get around 3 tries.

-prodictable mining-
believe it or not. you can tell what you get. before you land the final blow. there is many guides that show how this is done. however this always doesn't work. if you try to mine a node higher tier than your rank. it will NOT be predicable and you have to use the "closer/further" hints to help you land the final hit. however the remainder bar is still accurate as to what the item is.
its not until you can get the leves for the mining points do they become "predicable" (5,15,25,35)

anyway. now for the fun stuff.. mining!

is easy grinding. save the leves for higher level stuff
you can mine the T1 nodes found just outside each town
you can do leves if you would like. but i would suggest saving
for higher levels

you get prospect II, burn those T2 nodes (ussaly in a area right next to T1 nodes. at that point you can start doing leves if you want to help speed things up.

at this point exp is starting to drop off. you can burn leves if you want for T3 areas. you can start doing T3s now you can also run around physically looking for T3 nodes. but you usually spend more time than just cycling though T2s with prospect II, that is when you have no leves.

at this point you can continue to burn leves if you have them. or you make use of prospect III, so you can move to those areas. the T3 points
a good place i did was bloodshore,

optional- you can move down to cedarwood and look around for T4s and get great exp. or contenue hitting T3s

move to cedarwood. you can get lv25 leves. at this point leves are a big part of exp and very vital. you'll be glad you saved them at this point.

you get lay of the land IV so you'll be burning leves if you have tuns to spare and chaining those nodes.

optional- you can move to ironlake. i highly suggest it. its a vast upgrade from cedarwood. all the points are extremely close. its top tier area so you have company pointing out where the mining points are even if you don't have lay of the land V, finding points are easy and rewarding!

ironlake is your home until 50.. (i think) iv been seeing tuns of lv 50s here id assume this is where the train ends. its not that bad of a place. id assume EXP turns to crap around lv40 and at that point its just burn leves and get GC exp/rest bonus to help you.

anywhere there is T5. at this point farming any T5s is possable without banging your head against something hard. makes for getting the other ores other than cobalt possible with ease. also makes getting the achivment far easier.

sorry if this was un-helpfull or worded badly. not so super with spelling and such. but thought id throw this info out considering about the only other place you'll find it is those fake "by me" guides posted all over youtube. enjoy and have fun mining!