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Blood Mask augments
サーバ: Fenrir
Game: FFXI
Posts: 11
By Fenrir.Mavre 2014-09-13 20:28:06  
So, I'm trying to get QD recast down on my Blood Mask, and even when getting HQ results, I have yet to see it at all. What is the actual ideal elemental combo for the synth? Only things I can find say 44 wind, but that obviously isn't all that is needed to get the best results.
サーバ: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: Felgarr
Posts: 57
By Asura.Felgarr 2014-09-13 20:35:41  
I think most sky god synergy augments are completely random.
サーバ: Fenrir
Game: FFXI
Posts: 11
By Fenrir.Mavre 2014-09-13 21:12:36  
So just keep throwing 44 wind at it and pray?
サーバ: Bismarck
Game: FFXI
user: Snprphnx
Posts: 2406
By Bismarck.Snprphnx 2014-09-13 21:13:39  
Sky god and abjurations augments are set up in a similar fashion as skirmish augments.

There are three available augment slots for each piece of equipment. The higher your synergy result, NQ-HQ3, the higher potential boost to the augment is possible.

Slot 1 is available on all synergy results. It pulls from a random pool of all general stats, from STR and DEX, Elemental Resists to MAB, as well as some potential augments that are item specific, but not a guarantee. For Crimson/Blood Mask this has the potential to be QD delay-

Slot 2 is available on any synergy result of HQ1+ This slot is item specific. For Crimson/Blood Mask, this slot is Magic Accuracy.

Slot 3 is available, but not a guarantee, on any result of HQ2+. This slot pulls from the same pool as Slot 1, with the same potential augments.

All that said. The reason you are not seeing QD delay, it because that slot is completely random, and being taken by stuff like AGI, INT, or elemental resist.
サーバ: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: Meaikidou
Posts: 104
By Bahamut.Meaikidou 2014-09-13 21:40:08  
After thousands of synergy trials, I think that the top 5 factors to getting HQ results are:

1. difference between your synergy level and the level cap of whatever you are trying to make.

2. making the furnace sparkle. (It doesn't really matter how off of the ideal elemental balance you are as long as it's sparkling)

3. n/a

4. n/a

5. n/a

Until we hear anything about synergy getting "fixed" to where achieving a perfect elemental balance is rewarding, you should do what I do and just hit "end" when you see the pot sparkle...

* -quick draw delay was pretty rare for me too. Don't give up.
サーバ: Carbuncle
Game: FFXI
user: Conini
Posts: 88
By Carbuncle.Conini 2014-09-13 21:54:42  
With synergy there are five main things to consider:

1. Your synergy level

2. The end-pressure value of the pot(try below 30)

3. The end-value of the impurities(don't go for zero; ideal is below 15)

4. How close you are to the given value of the synth

5. How many negative's you have in the opposing value(shouldn't be higher than 20)

If you line all 5 of these things, you'll get HQ3's; I can almost guarantee it because I went through the same stuff for augmenting all my blood gear ( however, as stated above... synergy is really random :/ you can only get the highest skill possible, do the 5 steps, and kind of pray you don't get some random augment.
サーバ: Cerberus
Game: FFXI
user: Reiden
Posts: 322
By Cerberus.Reiden 2014-09-13 22:29:44  
If your 80 cap, just spam the fewell element you need and then press end. Didn't take me long to get Macc5 and QD -4 (cap is 5).
サーバ: Cerberus
Game: FFXI
user: Vedder
Posts: 156
By Cerberus.Vedder 2014-09-16 15:31:07  
Get Synergy to 80 and try to hit the synth # right on the nose, eventually you'll get what you want.

I had QD -4 in the first handful of synths. Took some time, but finally got Macc +2 and QD -5 and called it good enough.