Templar Sabatons & Cursed Diechlings -1

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Templar Sabatons & Cursed Diechlings -1
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By Fenrir.Cherrywine 2015-05-05 10:18:14  
Hello Everyone,

I'm sure many of you have seen my shouts.
I'm looking to purchase these two items.

Templar Sabatons come from an ISNM60, which means it is a 60cap fight. The entry key item can only be purchased once per day for 2000 imperial standing from a NPC in Whitegate. The fight itself is done in the same place has the Gessho high tier battle field.
Many are turned off from trying because it is a 60cap fight, but it is very, very easy.
If you have a pair collecting dust, obtained a pair from the current NNI special event or are willing to get an entry item but just need help winning and are interested in selling the sabatons, please let me know.

Cursed Diechlings -1 are crafted. Smithing is necessary to make the darksteel cuisses. Goldsmithing is necessary for the final result.

Thank you for your time!