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Despair Mail set and Dragoon
By ClaudeusXI 2015-05-27 07:33:43  

So far the current augmentation data on the Despair Mail set paths ABC seem to be:

Path A: HP+50, VIT+10, Potency of "Cure" effect received +5%
Path B: STR+12, VIT+7, Haste+2%
Path C: accuracy +10, pet vit +7, pet dt -3%
Path D (Head): STR+15, Enmity+7, STP+3 (Beats Otomi helm on STR, and has added ACC)
Path D (Body): ATT+25, MEVA+20, DA+3
Path D (Hands): RACC+25, RATT+20, "Recyle"+10
Path D (Legs): AGI+10, EVA+20, Subtle blow+7
Path D (Feet): DEX+10, STR+7, PDT-3%

Path B seems very promising for WS-gear sets for DRG. For the Despair Helm Path D seems a very viable option. This beats Otomi Helm on pure STR, as well as adding ACC, but losing out on Double attack.
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By Bismarck.Vize 2015-07-10 18:32:20  
i am looking forward to getting my hands on the despair set as well but not just for drg for my drk also