Just Returned To Game. Need LS

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Just returned to game. Need LS
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By Xorlarrin 2015-12-19 10:09:22  
Hi, my name is Xorlarrin and I am an FFXI addict. It's been almost two years since my last FFXI fix and omg was it hell. So, I'M BACK!!!!!!! (Blame Allerum)

Looking for a LS just to chat and hang with while I catch up. I would say I want more of a social LS than an event LS because I have no idea at all about some of the new events. Once I catch up some I am all for events but for a while I got tons of new things to merit as well as get a freaking ton of job points to get, but wouldn't mine some people asking me if I am bored and want to come do this or that now and then..

So message me in game if ya got a laid-back ls that could use another member.