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RoA Recruiting
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By Taffy 2016-11-09 12:07:27  
We are a new Aeonic ls that has cleared all nm's up to and including Kirin. We only run once a week, on Sunday's 8pm est - midnight est. This means we estimate completing one Aeonic run per month to 6 weeks.

Looking to round off our shell due to some people leaving or not being reliable. Jobs we are interested in are as follows:

Rune Fencer, geared and competent to tank.
Idris Geo (we have 2, would like a third for some flexibility)
bard, geared well and must be very competent
Rdm, must be geared well

Would also consider the following to free up other people to play other jobs:

Sch, mastered and geared well
Blm, mastered and geared well
Smn, geared well and 1200+

Let me know if anyone is interested, either by replying or sending me a PM. In game you can talk to me, Jdogg or Evilsub but ultimately you I will review your gear and probably let you come along for a trial run.