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Server Transfer
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By Lariae 2016-11-12 04:37:42  
Finally thinking of jumping servers. After playing on Kujata, being moved to Valefor and coming back every so often I've decided to move on.

Considering either Asura or Odin, depending on if there's an LS around that is recruiting for some end game stuff.

My main job is Blue mage. I have Tizona and Almace, my armor is a mixup between Adhemar and Herc gear. Important spells learned. I never did get around to job capping, though that shouldn't be too hard (Last time i played I focused mainly on the weapons thanks to all of the item events that happened).

I also have a Bard on a second account with Gjallar and +1 song Harp (Will +2 it soon as i get enough stones to farm plates again..)

My play times can be sort of sporadic due to work, but I am on often late nights (after 1 AM EST for a few hours) and can be on most weekends.) So I'm kind of looking for a group/server that can do things around those times.

As far as the server environment, how easy is it to get a decent shout group going here?

Thanks for your time and consideration!
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By Odin.Godofgods 2016-11-14 06:33:03  
i havnt been on much lately, but the silence here should speak enough