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Returning player looking for playmates
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By DaneBlood 2017-11-09 11:40:09  
Hello my name is Daneblood and Im an FFXI addict.
I have been clean for a few years but fell of the wagon 2 months ago and have restarted on an all brand new account.
I am seeking other people in similar situation for morale support and all out fun time

I am currently working on finishng up my skirmish gear and refarming abyssea gear. and it would be fun to have 1-2 people to band together with. So if you need some of the same hit me up ( US time)

- nyzul clear
- Missions ( all of them)
- skirmish 1&2 gear
- assault,einhejar and other preperations for mythic weapons
- emp weapon/gear farming
- voidwatch for metal plates
later on escha clears and higher stuff as we get the lower stuff finished or in a ready state

What I can bring to the table:
- War thf nin and a lust to try to improve any aspect of my play
- playmate has Blu with a few outdated mage jobs as well (whm rdm blm)
- My trusty WHM & bard left hand mule

A big dislike for trust but its ok if you need crutches (and if you got offended by that our humor is probably not going to mix :D )

Anyway hit me up or down. Lets have some fun in this game.