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Seeking Linkshell(s)
サーバ: Seraph
Game: FFXI
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By Seraph.Omnidark 2009-10-04 23:51:13  
Hello all!

I'm new to Seraph and need a few active Linkshells. Im a very helpful person that will attend any event that helps someone, even if there is no benefit for me. At the moment I am looking for these types of LS:

Sky - Recently unlocked and have attended several farms and a Byakko kill. I would also help others to unlock Sky.
CoP - Im on 4-2 "The Savage" Ouryu fight, but I am willing to help those from mission 1 and up.
WoTG - Im on 7 "Westerdly Winds" doing cutscenes between PTs and farming.
Helpful - I will do anything to help, as long as the people are helpful as well.
Social/Friendly - Must be active, I'm looking for daily events, be it FoV, farming, w/e.
Endgame general - A friendly LS that does it all would be ideal.

I play every day and love to help. These are my current job levels:

WAR 75
NIN 75
DRK 40
SAM 37
THF 37
WHM 37
DNC 37

I plan on taking SAM, RDM, and PLD to 75 as well. I have been a member of NA, EU, and JP Linkshells, It matters not to me as long as we can communicate. I speak English and Auto-Translate =P

Really Im looking for a group of friends to just do anything with. If any interest, whisper me in-game.