Looking For KST/JST Omen, Escha, D Dynamis Shell

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Looking for KST/JST Omen, Escha, D Dynamis Shell
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By Signasx 2018-05-31 00:50:43  
Hey there,

I'm an English speaking player currently living in Korea and I am currently looking for an event shell, or at least a group of players to do things like Omen, Ambu, D dynamis and Escha with. I am usually free around 7 to 730 PM Korea time, or JP time until about midnight. I was wondering if there are any shells out there with english speakers or willing to accomodate an english speaker because I really want to do this content, but it has been quite challenging (and solo grinding CPs tires me out easily). Please let me know!

What I have to offer:

99 SAM with AG Koga, AG Yoichi
99 RNG
99 SCH
99 RDM

As well as 99GEO/BRD Mule.

Still working on gear sets and JPs for all of them.
Best geared is SAM and GEO on mule.