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By cabbit 2019-02-03 01:36:41  
Here is 2018 dnc info based on /tell questions asked while idling in whitegate. Is written poorly in notepad.exe and won't revise in 2019. Cabby had to unsub in jan:

tl-dr; twink dnc using another job, spam rudra 99% of the time, maybe use its other abilities

What DNC offers to endgame alliances

DNC is misunderstood

What DNC offers for solo, lowman, and multibox fun

Cool DNC tricks, style points, etc.

Cheating hax stuff

What DNC offers to endgame alliances:
DNC offers box step (defense down) to alliances. This stacks with other defense-down debuffs and matters for things like Dynamis - D where geomancy is nerfed on some mobs. You can also quick step and PK high eva mobs.

High DPS. Maybe lazy rudra thf and torcleaver users beat it.

DNC has higher accuracy than other melee, besides BLU, and can fight against high level content during the progression days. You know why RMEA afterglow ever mattered? Because players were hurting for the extra combat skill and accuracy against stuff like T3 reisenjima when that was hard. *** sch sc + blm death and no one used smn burns.

PK spam doesn't self skillchain.

DNC is misunderstood:
Adoulin release: jesus ***, can't hit anything, why is twash worthless? /unsub
Adoulin eol: jesus ***, with full reforged emp+1 can't hit anything /unsub
Post-rhapsodies: oh, gear needs acc and other DD stats.

People don't really get DNC. Do we haste them? Put them in the tank party without melee buffs? What the hell do they contribute to the alliance besides scaling up the enemy's HP?
DNC blows goats on high CL stuff if you don't melee buff them properly! If you want a melee that can live without outside buffs, get a BLU.

Unknown if building flourish with JP is good.

Unknown how r15 mythic pk spam compares to r15 aeonic rudra spam. Before and after wsd bug, pk is really strong anyways.

Unsure if meva set ever pays off.

r15 twash and airy or cento is cool sometimes... like 1% of the times.

waltz recast reduction has weird caps. nearly uncappable on long recast curing waltzes, and cappable on short recasts like healing waltz. trance gives 4s recast.

What DNC offers for solo, lowman, and multibox fun:
DNC can spike damage in a short period of time. For example...
Sekkanoki > Evisceration > Climactic flourish > Rudra's Storm > Reverse Flourish > Rudra's Storm
This is done in 8 seconds and does a double darkness skillchain with a large boost to each Rudra's Storm. With proper attack buffs and defense down debuffs, this will kill many NMs before they can use a TP move. You can beat the ***out of scary things like sovereign behemoth (need good buffs), duke vepar, any flying t1-t3 escha things, and most t1-t3 escha things. Arch dynamis lord dies like a *** before it can spawn clones.

And then take their 1h abilities. One gives 2000 Tp and unlimited cure hax, and the other allows reverse flourish 3 times in a row for 1400 tp a pop. poor sam.

Cool DNC tricks:
The alliance gets slept -> DNC cancels cureskin and equips frenzy sallet to wake up, does aoe cure on own pt, then single target cures healers from the other two parties.

Q: "Where the hell did you get blink?"
A: Using dashing subligar when using waltz.

DNC pulls hate off tank in wave 3 dynamis and is going to die -> Pop fan dance and hybrid or DT set. Oh look, relic gloves and 5/5 fan dance is PDT II -25, just like that ergon weapon RUN uses.
None one heals the DNC and it dies -> DNC learns to heal self now that waltz recast is unlinked -> DNC subs BLU and destroys the tank meta.

AOE chocobo waltz on fresh nyzul isle floors or after killing the last mob in ambuscade will make your PT move faster and feel funner. It lasts between zones too.

Backwards stepping: Stop giving ***tp, but still build up moves and TP. Engage backwards and use steps.

Massive DW during weakness: Weakness is slow+100%. You can stack lots of dual wield gear to get your zombie attack speed back up.

Get TH+2 on two herc pieces during dark matter campaigns. *** thf. Also pray for WSD+10 dex+15 head/body/legs like cabby got somehow wtf.

Learn about JA delay... At 1350 TP, use haste samba and one second later use WS. At 1100 TP, use box step and one second later use WS.

Learn about ws delay... 2s, no stacking at 1s unlike ja.

Violent flourish works on some things. I has stacked macc for it and don't know if it matters. But imagine WSing a ambuscade boss, stunning it, and getting in a second WS--all during a small window where most DD only get in one WS.

Getting nuked? Use waltz to put up a blink shadow, and pray violent flourish works. Saved *** in VD shadow lord

Learn to count finishing moves beyond 5. Sucks having only 2 finishing moves after climactic flourish when you really thought you would have 4.

Our ilvl swords are piercing... ffff
Our ilvl h2h is not slashing... well ok

Cool regain gear while people take 5 mins to buff: turms cap +1, adoulin ring, roller's ring.

Make a hybrid dd set. Dnc gets destroyed and no one heals them.

You can get fast cast +1 on a moblin cest belt.

Climactic shark bite after sch does fusion is sorta cool. No one does this.

Wah tree delve resists piercing 99.999% -> Use aeolian edge or whatevs.

Wah delve monster resists pdt after using tp moves, we need to build magic damage and not dd it -> double darkness it at the very start, dead.

We pulled too much ***in dynamis! -> Dnc starts one-shotting ***with climactic rudra spam.

Stack sabotender cheer (movement+2%) with skadi +1 boots (18%) + choco jig... or get a cor mule to run faster.

Ambuscade feb: after tank gets cursed and virused, you are the MT (again)!!! Get in the corner and healing waltz the tank. Use hybrid set. Bad ws timing = lots of aoe damage eated.

Advanced DNC ***:
You can make a smart waltz macro that picks a waltz based on cooldown, tp cost vs current tp, and hp restored vs hp missing. Beginners have a nest of if/then/else, and more advanced users will iterate a subtable of waltzes.

Many gearswap users will not properly equip the empyrean headpiece during climactic flourish rudra's storm, because gearswap won't detect the buffactive in the one second between CF and RS. To get around this, you can use a `gs c string` command to send gearswap a hint that climactic is in use (have the function set a variable like climactic=1), and then clear the hint during the precast of the RS. Keep the buffactvie check because it'll work on the 2nd 3rd 4th rudra's storm.

DNC abilities have awful animation lock. You can use jazero to get around this, but is illegal hax, so has risk. Risk of underpaid gm acting like it's 2005 lul.

Gearswap allows using weaponskills while unengaged. So if you don't want to lose climactic flourish to autoattacks, you can disengage and focus on strong Rudra's Storms.

Some DNC have auto presto. You should have it not autouse presto if presto is already active, so you can effectively pre-pre-use presto and get box step level 10 quickly on stuff.

Effective binding of left side of keyboard is good, so you can use any ability or ws or change gear modes without going through menues.

add sneak cancel before spectral jig macro.

add saber dance cancel before waltz macro.
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By SimonSes 2019-02-03 01:55:50  
I actually read everything :O

This is not true:
cabbit said: »
Oh look, relic gloves and 5/5 fan dance is PDT II -25, just like that ergon weapon RUN uses.

Fan Dance is multiplicative, not additive PDT. When it drops to 25% PDT after several hits (when using relic gloves like you mentioned) and you are using 50% PDT set with it, then the damge is first reduced by 50% and then by 25%, so effectively you have 62.5% PDT, not 75%.
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By Asura.Zanosan 2019-02-03 02:59:15  
jesus ***

By 2019-02-03 05:49:15
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By Asura.Dasoccer 2019-02-11 14:28:55  
The Double D part is my favorite.....
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By kiania 2019-02-11 19:13:57  
/listens intently
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By Asura.Beatsbytaru 2019-02-11 19:31:07  
go onnnnnnnnn
By 2019-02-11 21:30:50
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By Asura.Syto 2019-02-11 21:38:12  
Kill the enemy before hungry Cabbit reveals his fangs... or else its over for you...As you are devoured by Cabbit along with the enemy and everyone around him..

Good to see him back in action and amped up again! ^_^

This thread should be stickied.. very rare to see him speak his mind about DNC....
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By Asura.Fabiano 2019-02-11 21:39:39  
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By Foxfire 2019-02-11 21:44:33  
honestly the most jarring part is that this isn't a post with just your usual one-word messages from linkshell
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By Andromida 2019-02-13 05:52:22  
Really interesting thought dump here
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By Odin.Drakenv 2019-02-13 06:48:12  
I learned so much.. I think :0
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By AliceEternal 2019-03-19 04:59:46  
This is a lot but very helpful info as DNC is my most played job
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By ScaevolaBahamut 2019-04-26 22:35:36  
For the lazy, in order to cancel Saber Dance into Waltz, get the Cancel addon/plugin for windower and enter /console cancel 410 into your waltz macro.